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Joint Replacement Alternatives

The human body is a marvel of engineering. The basic structure is held up by rigid bones. As in the old song, all of the bones are connected by joints. However, unlike a mechanical machine, the bones (ideally) do not actually touch one another. Instead, they are connected with soft tissues, such as tendons and cartilage, that cushion the joints.

Causes of Joint Pain

Action Spine & Joint recognize there may be many more causes of joint pain than listed; here we highlight a few that we encounter almost daily with our patients.

Joint Overuse or Strain

Probably the most common cause of joint pain comes from overuse or causing the soft tissue to move in ways it is not designed to do. Stepping on the side of a brick with overstretch the outside of your ankle and you wind up with a sprained ankle.

Other types of injury come from over use or over extension – think “tennis elbow” or “writer’s cramp”. Usually a bit of rest will take care of the problem. More serious injuries may require ice packs or immobilization.

Age Affects of Joint Conditions & Injuries

During the first part of life, our cells replicate rapidly as we grow. Injuries heal quickly and bruises and wounds go away pretty much on their own.

However, the process slows down as we no longer need to grow. The spongy cartilage that acts as a buffer between the bones of our joints loses its elasticity and becomes susceptible to injury.

Impact on Joints from Lack of Exercise

The adage “use it or lose it” certainly applies to body function. With our sedentary lifestyle, our joints are asked to do less and less.

Then, when suddenly called upon for movement, the muscles tense at the unusual strain and place a lot of strain on the tendons and ligaments that connect the joints. Unlike age, this is a condition that regular exercise, particularly stretching exercise, can help.

Diseases (Arthritis, Auto Immune, more) Contributing to Joint Issues

Many types of joint pain are actually caused by diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, gout, or hemochromatosis.

Auto-immune deficiency or cancer can cause the body itself to attack the healthy cells in your joints. Getting the right diagnosis is critical to treating these kinds of joint pain.

Action Spine & Joint is ready to help you treat your pain. In most cases, invasive surgeries or expensive medications are NOT the answer. We can help you determine the best course of treatment for your unique joint pain.

Joint Replacement Alternatives

Chiropractic Adjustments
Sometimes your pain is caused by body misalignment. Let us get you back into shape for freedom of movement and maximum flexibility.

Weight Loss
If you are overweight, you are putting unusual stress on your body. Take a long hike with a heavy backpack and notice how your muscles and joints react to additional weight.

Strengthening Exercises
Our therapists at Action Spine & Joint can show you exercises that will strengthen your joints and eliminate pain associated with overuse or lack of use. Strengthening your joints can help you sleep better and move more easily.

Diet and Supplements
Let our therapists help you discover how simply changing the things you put into your body can help with joint pain. Dr Bearden has written 2 best selling chiropractic books that emphasize whole body healing through natural means. Learn about ways nutrition can improve conditions related to the spine and joints. The Chiropractic Way to Health provides simple exercises with instruction

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