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What are ligaments?

Definition: Ligaments are the fibrous tissues that connect your bones at each of your joints. They are not unlike tendons, which connect your muscles to the bone. Ligaments are likely to be torn or ruptured when stretched too far, pulled too tightly, or pulled while cold.

Diagnosing Ligament Damage: Tears Ruptures

Sometimes ligament damage is easy to diagnose. You turn your ankle and then your ankle hurts. You do hours of gardening on your knees, and then your knees hurt. Other times, it is not so easy to tell when you may have pulled a ligament.

Warning signs: Your fingers feel numb, or you have shooting pains in your legs or arms. These could be due to ligament damage, as well. The damaged ligament could be pressing on, or pinching a nerve that runs down your extremities, causing the numbness or shooting pains.

How Do You Treat Tears Pulls Ruptures?

The best treatments include rest and taking care not to reinjure the damaged ligament. For serious injuries, however, you need the help of an experienced chiropractor. That’s where we come in to help you heal. Our chiropractic office uses Deep Tissue Spinal Laser Therapy to reduce inflammation of soft tissue (including ligaments) and promote faster healing.

Chiropractic manipulation helps to make sure the bones are in perfect alignment and do not put additional strain on the ligaments than connect them. And physical therapy helps to strengthen the muscles and improve your posture, both of which help the ligaments to heal faster than rest alone.

Our methods are designed to ease your pain and discomfort without resorting to pain-killing drugs, or risky surgery, which may worsen the pain or injury.

How Do We Avoid Ligament Damage?

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Improve and practice good posture! In the western portion of the world, we have developed very poor posture. We sit slumped down into our chairs, or walk with our head down, stretching our backbone in ways that lead to ligament injuries.

Note how you sit when you are at your computer or playing a video game. Many office workers have begun to stand while at the computer, or to sit on an exercise ball instead of a more conventional chair.

Be sure to move often and consistently exercise. Our sedentary lifestyles contribute to a multitude of problems, including undue stress on ligaments. Join a gym, play ball with your kids, or just include parking as far as possible from a building, forcing yourself to walk, or taking the stairs instead of an elevator.

But warm up before exercise. Before doing anything more strenuous than walking at a slow pace, warm your muscles by doing light stretches. Ease into your exercise to keep your ligaments, tendons, and muscles warm and flexible.

Come and see us for any ligament injury and we will get you up and running in no time.

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