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Action Spine & Joint: Voted Best Chiropractic Clinic in Nashville for the past several years in a row including 2015

Most people find that their time and money was well spent when they follow this advice, as well as our home care instructions. Dr. Casey Bearden

Dr. Casey Bearden, DC

Action Spine & Joint’s Objective For You in Chiropractic Care…

It is my ultimate objective for each patient that walks into our clinic, to get you to the point where you no longer need our services.
One of the most common myths about Chiropractic treatments is “Once you start going, you have to continue going forever!”

You will discover this simply is NOT the case with our office. Although many people visit us having experienced years of pain, our focus is to remove your dependency from us as soon as possible. For some, that may be just 2 weeks of care, others 2 months…or even longer. We believe in diligently instructing you on the various things you can do on your own to not only speed the healing process, but prevent a relapse.

Hence, my published book The Chiropractic Way To Health, “The Ultimate Self-Help Guide For Chiropractic Patients” The human body is an ever changing organism and like your dentist, we do recommend you come in for maintenance and supportive check ups after we have corrected your condition.

After all, “You can replace your teeth in your mouth, but you can’t replace your spine.” Most people find that their time and money was well spent when they follow this advice, as well as home our instructions. I look forward to meeting you and your family and playing an integral part in the complete restoration of your health, without drugs-without surgery.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Casey Bearden

Mission Statement

To always strive and deliver the highest level of joint function and performance to the structure of the human body with the ultimate goal of maximizing durability and enhancing quality of life-style.

Our goal is to help you and your family to achieve and maintain optimal health through natural chiropractic care. We are dedicated to educating you about the many wonderful benefits of our drug-free and surgery-free method of health care. Thousands of hours of advanced training, years of clinical experience, combined with sophisticated analysis and x-ray techniques enable us to help a wide range of spinal abnormalities that impede naturally healthy living.

When the natural flow of nerve impulses to parts of the body become blocked or are interfered with, serious and debilitating illness and health disorder can result. Chiropractic care removes this interference and restores normal nerve flow with gentle spinal adjustments.

We aim to help you learn more about this powerful approach to better health. Please fell free to browse our site and learn why having “a healthy spine equals a healthier body”. We invite you to schedule an appointment with us to discuss if you and your family can benefit from our care.

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Action Spine & Joint, located in Nashville, TN, offers exceptional chiropractic care that extends throughout Davidson County and surrounding areas. They prioritize holistic health and accessibility, providing comprehensive services for various conditions. Their skilled team focuses on patient-centered treatments, addressing underlying causes to enhance well-being and vitality.

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