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Nashville Knee Pain Relief

Is knee pain taking the joy out of gardening or playing with the grand kids? We all agree: Pain is Bad and living a full life includes eliminating it.

Do you find yourself avoiding the stairs and taking the elevator because of creaky knees? Are you taking more and more pain medicine just to get through the day? Patients are often apprehensive to go to the chiropractor as they fear that dreaded first knee adjustment.

Although they know they will likely experience relief of their knee pain, it is difficult to take the first step. At Action Spine & Joint, our non-surgical bone specialists perform therapeutic and non-surgical adjustments to the knee using a low-force method that is gentle and does not hurt. Dr. Bearden attended the Palmer College of Chiropractic and has been trained on Palmer adjustment techniques.

Only a small movement is needed to align the joint. To support the alignment and healing, we often prescribe a regiment that includes physical therapy exercises and sometimes intervals of ice to reduce both swelling and pain to realign the joint.


Knee Replacement May Not be Required

If knee pain is diminishing your joy in living, let us help you. Television ads tell you that taking a simple pill will relieve all of your symptoms.

There are side effects and sometimes long term damage pills and medications can cause. This can be worse than the knee pain itself. Friends and neighbors tell you that you have reached the age for knee replacement. But knee surgery is not a given as you age.

Don’t let pain keep you from the activities that make life worth living. Surprisingly, very few of our knee pain patients have come to us because of a sports injury or an accident. Knee damage can occur over time.

Four Primary Sources of Knee Pain

  • Arthritis (wear & tear)
  • A knee surgery gone bad or re-injured
  • A misaligned knee joint
  • Improper nutrional component

Many people have felt resigned to the fact that they will need expensive surgery with extensive rehab in order to replace the knees. It’s like braces when you are a teenager – when you get to be a certain age, you have to have your knees replaced.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Knee Pain & Injuries

Dr. Bearden has a number of treatment options for knee injuries and pain. Each patient will receive individualized options from which to establish a full treatment plan. If you have been told you require knee surgery, it may not be the case. In most cases our non-surgical joint specialists can help you recover without surgery. Knee replacement can often be avoided. Our joint specialists have treated all sorts of knee pain, WITHOUT drugs or surgery. With our treatment, you will quickly return to the activities that you enjoy. Pain is bad for patients and their family members. We want to return you to a life with NO PAIN!

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Don’t Let Knee Pain Keep You from Enjoying Life

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