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Sciatica and its Treatment

The Efficient Treatment of Sciatica

Sciatica is a common discomforting ailment treated by chiropractors. Chiropractors are health care practitioners skilled in chiropractic-a medical procedure that involves the use of one’s hands or a hand-held instrument to monitor the movement of the skeletal structures of the body in order to improve the function of the joints and entire nervous system.

Sciatica is a very painful condition. The pain originates from the lower back/lumbar region or buttock and goes all the way down through one or both legs. The nerve pain from this condition may vary in intensity and time frame. Sometimes it could be too mild while other times it becomes unbearably severe.

The pain may be intermittent, lasting a few minutes, while other times, it could persist for long duration’s, from a few days to several weeks.

The chiropractors of Action Spine and Joint are highly trained professionals skilled in chiropractic treatments and relief of sciatica.

Sciatic pain may come in many different variants. It could be mild, achy, sharp or in pin and needle-like discomfort, that is similar to both toothaches and electric shocks.

Sciatica may also come in form of burning, numbness and tingling sensations. Sciatica is not really a disease but it is actually a symptom of a disease. That is to say that sciatica manifests as a pointer to other disorders or disease conditions, and cannot be classified as a “stand-alone” disease.

Other synonyms that are indicative of sciatica include radiating or referred pain, neuropathy and neuralgia.

The Causes of Sciatica

Sciatica occurs due to reduction in length of the sciatic nerve.

Disorders that result in sciatic nerve pain are:

  • Wrong alignment of the vertebra-a shift in a vertebrae may press on the sciatic nerve and cause pain
  • Herniated or protruding discs (slipped discs)-this is like in misaligned vertebra. But the impingement is caused by a vertebra disc
  • Gestation/childbirth
  • Tumors- this is when abnormal growths impinge or press on the sciatic nerve causing pain and discomfort
  • Diabetes
  • Constipation
  • Piriformis syndrome caused by a fall, hip arthritis, or a difference in leg length

Chiropractic Treatment of Sciatic Symptoms

Chiropractic treatment of symptoms of sciatic helps to promote the body’s self-healing process. This means that handling sciatica pains increases the body’s chance of recovery from the underlying etiologies. Its approach to recuperation requires no drug use and no penetrative equipment.

There is a variety of chiropractic treatments available. The approach to treatment of the sciatica is unique to the specific cause of pain in each individual as the pain is usually caused by a variety of conditions. The different Chiropractic treatments of sciatica include:

  • Adjustments (Spinal Manipulation) to ease and prevent restricted movement of the spine, realign vertebra, reduce nerve irritability, muscle spasms and pain.
  • Cryotherapy to reduce inflammation and control pain.
  • Ultrasound to increase blood flow and reduce muscle spasms, cramping, swelling, rigidity, and pain.
  • TENS unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) treatment to control serious and immediate pain and decrease muscle spasms.

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Action Spine & Joint, located in Nashville, TN, offers exceptional chiropractic care that extends throughout Davidson County and surrounding areas. They prioritize holistic health and accessibility, providing comprehensive services for various conditions. Their skilled team focuses on patient-centered treatments, addressing underlying causes to enhance well-being and vitality.

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Rodger Roach
Rodger Roach
My sciatica was bothering me so bad it was making it very difficult to live a normal life, at least to move normally without pretty bad pain. It was limiting the things I could do and even making it hard to do my job at times. After About three months of going to Action, Spine and Joint regularly (2 to 3 times weekly), the pain is now gone! The staff there is super friendly and accommodating and the Dr. Casey and Dr. Josh are amazing! I see why they were voted the Best Chiropractic office in Nashville for many years. Would highly recommend them!
Jimmy Gregg
Jimmy Gregg
Great place. Great doctors and staff. Highly recommend. They have saved me from surgery. If you hurt and want another option other than surgery, I highly recommend Action Spine and Joint.
Mike Carr
Mike Carr
I came to Action with significant disc compression between L5 & S1, with steady pain 8/10 and stabs way past 10. I went from not being able to walk the day after my injury to able to walk without significant pain in less than a week. Dr. Bearden & Dr. Joshua are both experts at their craft, they listened when I told them what was working, what wasn't, and what I could afford, and they worked with me to get me on a treatment plan that has helped me regain mobility & reduce pain in a short amount of time. The front of house staff is helpful, kind & generally lovely. If you're thinking about chiropractic care, look mo further than Action!
Chris Henderson
Chris Henderson
After being involved in an auto accident I had major pain to my lower back from a bulged disk, and other joint pains. The pain was constant and went on for months. Due to a pinched nerve and misalignment. After orthopedic appointments and MRIs my Dr. Referred me to these guys for help. I have noticed a major improvement since my first visit and feeling better and better every time I go. I have more energy, less pain, I am able to do things without the pain I was feeling before without the need for surgery! My blood psi is back to normal, and much more! I would highly recommend Action Spine and Joint to anyone needing to alleviate pain in their body! The physical therapy and chiropractic care is on point! And everyone is very friendly and professional.
Valerie Werne
Valerie Werne
I had a very positive experience with the staff and provider each time I have a session. I have pain and spinal issues and treatment they are providing puts me on a path for healing. Dr. Casey and Dr. Joshs’ knowledge reflects in my care. They are empathetic and respectful to my concerns and needs for my back pain. So glad I found them.
Carter Wamp
Carter Wamp
Love Dr. Josh and Dr. Casey. When I have needed adjustment, they have always straightened me out! I especially appreciate their approach to post-injury care. They carefully assess to rule out fractures or other serious complications, including using X ray on site if needed, before performing a chiropractic adjustment. They also have excellent therapists on staff and a diverse array of equipment that can help correct posture, relieve inflammation, treat pain, and promote healing. My family and I have trusted them for years.
Billy Sells
Billy Sells
Been coming here on and off for 30 yrs. Great place to keep everything in its place .John and Hunter will get you in and out no waiting.
Charlotte Barnes
Charlotte Barnes
Friendly and professional staff!! I always receive excellent care at every visit, whether it’s for an adjustment or physical therapy. Highly recommend the team at Action Spine & Joint!!!
Ann Clemmons
Ann Clemmons
This was my very first visit today . He asked me who recommended him to me!! I told him I had prayed to God for a good Back doctor!! He helped me slowly but noticeably on my first VISIT! Before I left I felt some Better!! Made arrangements for next treatment in the next week already!! He was kind and honest with me!! I wasn’t Nervous anymore!! I’m so happy I am his New Patient Now!! Looking forward to further treatments!! God has special ones for us!!!