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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the bane of anyone that uses their hands for repetitive tasks, like typing. Early symptoms include numbness or tingling of the palm and the fingers – especially the thumb, pointer, and middle fingers. If left untreated, patients can develop shooting pain up their arms.

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About Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

This syndrome is caused when the median nerve of the hand becomes inflamed and is compressed as it goes through the carpal tunnel – a very narrow passage between the bones in the wrist. Often there is a genetic predisposition to carpal tunnel syndrome, as this passageway can be smaller in some people. And, women are more likely to develop the syndrome than men, possibly because the bones of the wrist tend to be smaller in women.

Carpal Tunnel problems can develop if you have poor posture, or bend your wrists as you work with your fingers. You can also develop problems after a sprain or other wrist injury. As with other injuries, early treatment is best for a full recovery. Sometimes an ergonomic evaluation of your work space can help. An ergonomic desk and chair setup as well as an ergonomically designed keyboard can help prevent injury.

Chiropractic Treatment Options Carpal Tunnel

Therapy options for this condition are numerous and recovery success rates are high.  Our goal is to help you recover naturally using non-invasive therapies. Surgery is a last alternative and not required for the vast majority of patients. In our office our chiropractors use a combination of manipulation, laser therapy, and taping to relieve the pressure on your median nerve. Sometimes wearing a splint, or doing wrist strengthening exercises will be encouraged.

If you find yourself wanting to shake your hands out to get rid of numbness or tingling, come and let us work with you so that you can find relief without having to resort to drugs or surgery.

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