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Online Chiropractic Reviews: Nashville TN

We know that many of our new clients look at our online reviews to see how other patients have responded to our treatments and find the best physician to help them heal from injury, pain, and discomfort. Our chiropractic care center staff have added some reviews from sites such as Yelp, Google My Business, Yellow Pages, Facebook, etc. for your reference. We are honored to received the following accolades at our clinic
Best Chiropractor: Nashville Scene  * Best Chiropractic Care Doctor: Tennessean Toast of Music City  * A+ Rated Better Business Bureau Physician  * A Rated on Angie’s List for Chiropractic Care * Patient’s Choice Winner 2016 * 3 Best Rated Chiropractors in Nashville

Our doctors would love to help you with your pain and discomfort. Please know that our spinal specialists guarantee you will start feeling better in 4 treatments or fewer.

What Patients Are Saying About Us

Rodger Roach
Rodger Roach
My sciatica was bothering me so bad it was making it very difficult to live a normal life, at least to move normally without pretty bad pain. It was limiting the things I could do and even making it hard to do my job at times. After About three months of going to Action, Spine and Joint regularly (2 to 3 times weekly), the pain is now gone! The staff there is super friendly and accommodating and the Dr. Casey and Dr. Josh are amazing! I see why they were voted the Best Chiropractic office in Nashville for many years. Would highly recommend them!
Jimmy Gregg
Jimmy Gregg
Great place. Great doctors and staff. Highly recommend. They have saved me from surgery. If you hurt and want another option other than surgery, I highly recommend Action Spine and Joint.
Mike Carr
Mike Carr
I came to Action with significant disc compression between L5 & S1, with steady pain 8/10 and stabs way past 10. I went from not being able to walk the day after my injury to able to walk without significant pain in less than a week. Dr. Bearden & Dr. Joshua are both experts at their craft, they listened when I told them what was working, what wasn't, and what I could afford, and they worked with me to get me on a treatment plan that has helped me regain mobility & reduce pain in a short amount of time. The front of house staff is helpful, kind & generally lovely. If you're thinking about chiropractic care, look mo further than Action!
Chris Henderson
Chris Henderson
After being involved in an auto accident I had major pain to my lower back from a bulged disk, and other joint pains. The pain was constant and went on for months. Due to a pinched nerve and misalignment. After orthopedic appointments and MRIs my Dr. Referred me to these guys for help. I have noticed a major improvement since my first visit and feeling better and better every time I go. I have more energy, less pain, I am able to do things without the pain I was feeling before without the need for surgery! My blood psi is back to normal, and much more! I would highly recommend Action Spine and Joint to anyone needing to alleviate pain in their body! The physical therapy and chiropractic care is on point! And everyone is very friendly and professional.
Valerie Werne
Valerie Werne
I had a very positive experience with the staff and provider each time I have a session. I have pain and spinal issues and treatment they are providing puts me on a path for healing. Dr. Casey and Dr. Joshs’ knowledge reflects in my care. They are empathetic and respectful to my concerns and needs for my back pain. So glad I found them.
Carter Wamp
Carter Wamp
Love Dr. Josh and Dr. Casey. When I have needed adjustment, they have always straightened me out! I especially appreciate their approach to post-injury care. They carefully assess to rule out fractures or other serious complications, including using X ray on site if needed, before performing a chiropractic adjustment. They also have excellent therapists on staff and a diverse array of equipment that can help correct posture, relieve inflammation, treat pain, and promote healing. My family and I have trusted them for years.
Billy Sells
Billy Sells
Been coming here on and off for 30 yrs. Great place to keep everything in its place .John and Hunter will get you in and out no waiting.
Charlotte Barnes
Charlotte Barnes
Friendly and professional staff!! I always receive excellent care at every visit, whether it’s for an adjustment or physical therapy. Highly recommend the team at Action Spine & Joint!!!
Ann Clemmons
Ann Clemmons
This was my very first visit today . He asked me who recommended him to me!! I told him I had prayed to God for a good Back doctor!! He helped me slowly but noticeably on my first VISIT! Before I left I felt some Better!! Made arrangements for next treatment in the next week already!! He was kind and honest with me!! I wasn’t Nervous anymore!! I’m so happy I am his New Patient Now!! Looking forward to further treatments!! God has special ones for us!!!

I feel I have come a long way. I feel at least 95% better. I was very skeptical about chiropractors, but I can honestly say, once you leave, you feel better than the way you came…I was very impressed!

Shondrea Winn

Nashville, TN 37205

Great scheduling, quick convenient location, gets you in and out, no long waiting

Ruby Martin

My back and neck feels better, it even helped with my migraine headaches.

Addie Coleman

Madison, TN 37115

The service was excellent. Staff was very pleasant and the doctor was very knowledgeable. Chiropractic really made a difference.

Marva Bright

Hermitage, TN 37076

More people should go to chiropractors, since you don’t have to resort to any medication to recover

Truman Dicken

Nashville, TN 37221

More people should go to chiropractors, since you don’t have to resort to any medication to recover

Truman Dicken

Nashville, TN 37221

The staff as well as Dr. Bearden were like my friends. They were great. I can wake up in the morning without hurting.

Bryan Moore

Complete relief of pain!

James Harrison

180 degree turn-around from pain to painless.

Jeff Napier

Signal Mountain, TN 37377

If in the future I need any chiropractic services, I would come to Action Spine & Joint to see Dr. Bearden.

Gloria Phillips

I owe this new found freedom to Dr. Bearden, Danny and the rest of the crew members assembled there at the ship and by going on board for another adjustment from time to time, I look forward to smooth sailing from now on.

S. Wear

I owe this new found freedom to Dr. Bearden, Danny and the rest of the crew members assembled there at the ship and by going on board for another adjustment from time to time, I look forward to smooth sailing from now on.

S. Wear

He has done more than I could know or expect in such a short time and has his own way of making moves to help a body like mine.

E. Anderson

Within 6 weeks of being diagnosed with severely herniated disc, I was back in the gym and feel better with each office visit

T. White

The center is well equipped with state-of –the-art equipment, which makes the treatments less strenuous and most enjoyable.

L. Hurt

In my older age, I found it difficult to walk up steps in my left hip. I came to see Dr. Bearden in April 2004 and after several treatments by you, I seem to be normal again.

T. Houser

I’m treated as an individual and not just one of many patients.

J. Smith

It was a wonderful visit, from the pleasant attractive surroundings of the reception area to the greeting by everyone, including both doctors and finally the actual treatment. Couldn’t have asked for better. The pleasant sincere ‘happy to see you’ greetings and welcome by all the staff, everyone. That is not at all the usual experience in a doctor’s office.

Sue S.

Nashville, TN

Much more thorough than those at hospitals. Complete recovery, no more headaches or pain without regular treatment. (on exams and x-rays)

Constance Grieves

Murfreesboro, TN 37218

I have watched the chiropractors at Nashville Spine and Disc help a number of my friends and colleagues. Most chiropractors don’t last even three years. This clinic has been serving the local community for over 20 years. It is great to see.

Hermitage TN

R. Stanton

Diversity Builder Training

Much more thorough than those at hospitals. Complete recovery, no more headaches or pain without regular treatment. (on exams and x-rays)

Constance Grieves

Murfreesboro, TN 37218

Over the next 18 months I went through a whole range of treatments which included medication, physical therapy, cortisone epidural and even surgery, all to no avail. I was scheduled for a second surgery to fuse the 4 vertebrae in my lower back when my wife pleaded with me not to do it due to the risk. She researched alternative solutions on line and convinced me to try Action Spine and Joint for their spinal decompression therapy that others were saying was so successful. After two months, I knew it was helping and after four months I knew I would no longer consider surgery. Today I am stabilized at about 85% with no pain medication and will continue periodic treatments to maintain it. No surgery, no hospital stay, no long recovery, no physical therapy and no worry. “If decompression doesn’t work you can always have surgery but if you have surgery you cannot always go back to decompression”.

Thank you again Dr. Bearden

Wendell Goodman

Thank you for your recent donation of 144 pounds of food. Your gift will help make a difference in the lives of thousands of Middle and West Tennesseans.

Second Harvest Food Bank

Just go and see what the doctor has to say about your condition just don’t think about it. It doesn’t hurt to just going and have a consultation, check the office out, see how wonderful, friendly and supportive his office team is, pay attention to the way your are treated , the waiting time is never very long(unlike other doctor’s you have to make appointments months in advance.

M. Strencilwilk

I was skeptical until I needed the help. (nurse for many years) Now I thank God for leading me to Action Spine & Joint Clinic.

R. Davy

I am functioning and feeling a whole lot better since I started the visits to your office. Huge difference! I will continue this for the rest of my days here on earth.

J. Larkins

I feel very fortunate to have found someone like Dr. Bearden. He and his staff make me feel so welcome and they are very attuned to my needs.

C. Patterson

After starting Chiropractic Care, moving became easier and I actually went out dancing 3 weeks later.

H. Worden

I feel much better physically and have a different outlook. I have learned that you are not supposed to be in pain. There is an alternative to a lot of medication. Thank you

Rosalind Cox

Nashville Inner City Ministry TN 37210

There is no more pain and I didn’t have to take any medication.

Shondrea Winn

Nashville, TN 37205

Dr. Casey,

Forgive me for not writing sooner this letter of thanks! I want your future patients to know I have become a convert to chiropractic services and Action Spine & Joint Clinic in particuliar.

I fell off a ladder while doing some repair work at my mother-in-law’s house and went directly to my general practioner. His first efforts were to provide me with pain pills and many of them. He then gave me a phone number to call another physcian who specializes in back problems. He thought I might have a serious problem and might need surgery.

When I called the specialist later that day, I was told it would be two weeks before they could “work me in!”. I thought there is no way I am sitting, which I barely could do, for another two weeks. Fortunately, my wife had been to your clinic a few weeks before. I was reminded I had visited you about ten years ago when I had more first encounter with back pain. You told me then that I should get into a regular program or I would be seeing you a few years later. I reminded you and myself of that meeting when I made my way to your office the next day after I called.

What happened next was pure magic. You put me into a program of several visits over the next couple of weeks that were most healing to my back problem. At your insistance, I kept that appointment with the specialist and after an MRI, it was determined I had a degenative disc. Your therapy had relieved the pain and suffering so much, the specialist said I didn’t need surgery and that I should continue what I had been doing.

Now some four months later, it is still amazing how your services have helped. I am a true believer in chiropractic healing and will be the rest of my life. Thank you for your great “bed side” manners from all you staff

Jim Black

Dr. Bearden and staff is wonderful, very nice, and kind. Made me welcome at every visit.

Deloras Harvey

Chattanooga TN 37076

I am convinced that this treatment has saved me from a probable future back surgery and avoided a
Life time of taking pain medications, ending up like just another statistic.

M. Larsen

I was nearly killed in an auto accident 10 years ago and began seeing Dr. Bearden shortly thereafter. At 69 years of age, I am thoroughly convinced that he is the reason I am not only able to walk, but still able to get around and play with my grandchildren.

B. Johnson

There is a longer and more in depth treatment with Dr. Bearden. The electric stimulation and massage table are definitely more service oriented. Also more attention to prevention as opposed to treatment.

J. Roniger

I’ve been to orthopedic doctors, physical therapists, and I have been on pain medication. Since I have seeing Dr. Bearden, I am free from constant pain.

D. Searcy

I had episodes of blackouts that reduced after seeing the chiropractor and soon completely went away. I felt like I had a new body.

L. Alouch

Overall I am a much happier person. Thanks Dr. Bearden.

J. Hitchcock