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Auto Injury in Nashville

Being in an auto accident is one of your worst fears as a driver. The injuries you incur could last a lifetime, and that’s assuming that you are the only one affected. When a dreaded accident occurs, you’ll need all the help you can get to recover from your injuries and avoid a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Action Spine & Joint is a caring, involved Nashville chiropractic care facility with a long list of treatment options that can help you heal if you have been involved in an auto accident. Patients from Bellevue, Oak Hill, and beyond choose us time and again for injury recovery and to improve their basic well-being, and we are so proud to say that we can assist in whatever capacity they need!

Dr. Casey Bearden, our lead chiropractor, has helped people injured in auto accidents over the years to get back to living the life that they want, without pain and without limitation, and he can help you, too!

When you are injured in a car accident in Nashville or any surrounding community, it can be difficult to choose the right plan of care on your own. After careful evaluation by your general practitioner and our own Dr. Bearden, you can begin chiropractic care that will bring many benefits your way…

Benefits of Seeing a Nashville Auto Accident Chiropractor

Treats Less Obvious Injuries

Broken bones and cuts can be diagnosed and treated pretty easily, but a condition like whiplash may not be so obvious. However, left untreated, this serious injury could leave you with symptoms that last for the rest of your life.

In the case of whiplash, it’s best to seek medical treatment right after an accident, even if you don’t feel the symptoms yet. It sounds crazy, but that’s the best time to treat whiplash – when you haven’t shown a single symptom. A chiropractic professional like Dr. Bearden can expertly diagnose it before you actually begin to show symptoms, so you will be much less likely to show symptoms and experience pain if you come see us right away!

If you don’t seek treatment quickly, you could develop dizziness, headaches, back or neck pain, and soreness that is impossible to relieve. After a serious accident, some people live with the effects of whiplash for the rest of their lives.Residents of Nashville, The Nations, Sylvan Park, or any surrounding community don’t have to live with these nagging conditions when they know Dr. Casey Bearden at Action Spine & Joint!

Has Anti-Inflammatory Effects

When you are involved in an auto accident, you most likely will experience microscopic tears in the fibers within your body, mainly the ligaments, tendons, and muscles. These injuries won’t show up on diagnostic tests, but they can still cause you a lot of pain, soreness and discomfort, even when they begin to heal.

When you are involved in an auto accident, you most likely will experience microscopic tears in the fibers within your body, mainly the ligaments, tendons, and muscles. These injuries won’t show up on diagnostic tests, but they can still cause you a lot of pain, soreness and discomfort, even when they begin to heal.

When your body is trying to heal itself, it sends an influx of blood and nutrients to the area. This is what is seen from the outside as inflammation. It’s common to experience soreness, fever, and redness in areas of inflammation, but you may not see any symptoms at all. Although inflammation is the body’s way of repairing itself, it is also a key source of pain all over the body. Our services are designed to maximize the healing potential within your own body!

Action Spine & Joint is dedicated to relieving our Forest Hills and Belle Meade patients’ pain! No matter where you live in the Nashville area, you can seek relief with us! If you tell us you’re in pain, we’ll do everything we can to get rid of it, regardless of what X-rays and other scans may show.

Our experienced team will use spinal manipulation, spinal decompression, laser therapy, or any other treatment necessary to treat any injury you sustained in an automobile accident.

Is A Non-Invasive Treatment Option

After an accident of any kind, the thought of surgery or intense physical therapy can be daunting. Rather than putting your battered body through aggressive treatment to heal what’s broken, let Action Spine & Joint ease you back into the health you had before your accident! All of our treatments are minimally invasive. Some of them only require a light touch, and you usually won’t need to remove clothing or even your shoes in order to receive proper treatment.

Again, we stress that seeking care early is a major factor in whether or not you end up needing surgery. We are happy that many of our patients never see the inside of an OR because of our effective, personalized chiropractic services. The sooner we see you after an accident, the better our chances are of keeping you from needing surgery.

Our gentle treatment options can realign your spine and other joints, which reduces pain and promotes optimal healing, two of the main reasons accident victims end up choosing surgery.

Why Use A Chiropractor After Your Car Accident?

Minimizes Scar Tissue

Scar tissue can develop after any sort of injury. Scar tissue makes the body inflexible and stiff, and these conditions can cause you to further injure yourself because your muscles and tendons are inelastic. Those micro-tears we mentioned earlier can cause almost imperceptible scar tissue to form throughout your body, causing all-over pain.

The practice of chiropractic care benefits the whole body, and your doctor can even target areas of stiffness or tenderness to release the tension created by scar tissue. A skilled chiropractor like Dr. Bearden knows how to painlessly break up scar tissue so the body can naturally absorb it. Once the scar tissue is removed, you’re free to regain a full range of motion, making your body less likely to incur a future injury.

We recommend that Nashville residents combine physical therapy or surgical treatment with chiropractic for maximum healing. With chiropractic care for your auto injury, you’ll feel better and heal faster than if you only use one method of treatment!

Provides Drug-Free Pain Relief

If you’re ever in an auto accident in Oak Hill, Sylvan Park or any of the surrounding areas, we can help you heal from your injuries without the use of harsh, addictive pain medication! You don’t have to accept a life where pain and drugs are a part of your daily routine. While these medications can provide temporary relief, they are rarely a long-term solution and may end up causing more damage than good.

Pain meds won’t heal the injury you sustain in an auto accident. They only cover up the pain that is a symptom of a much bigger issue one that can be treated with professional chiropractic care Nashville drivers can trust! For healing, you have many options, and Nashville chiropractic by Action Spine & Joint is certainly one of them! We can use a variety of strategies to simultaneously treat one or more auto related injuries.

In addition, many patients experience major addiction issues and withdrawal symptoms associated with what is supposed to be short-term drug use. An accident injury could become a hopeless cycle of addiction for many patients.

Offers Holistic Healing and Pain Relief

Our wide range of services are well known for their ability to reduce pain and inflammation throughout the entire body. That’s because chiropractic practices release hormones in the body called neurotensin, oxytocin, cortisol, and orexin, all of which reduce pain within the body. Regular chiropractic care can keep your levels high, but it’s especially important to have them flooding your system after an injury.

Reasons You Should Contact A Chiropractor About Your Auto Injury

Reduces the Chance of Lasting Pain

Chances are you know someone who has lingering issues from an auto accident that happened months or even years ago. Your injury could leave you in the same situation if it goes untreated for any amount of time. However, the way to see yourself through even severe injuries with no lingering effects is to get immediate care for your injuries from Action Spine & Joint!

Whiplash is a condition that is a prime example of an injury that can’t go untreated. Otherwise, it can cause lifelong symptoms that make everyday tasks harder and less enjoyable. Whiplash affects people physically as well as emotionally, but it is easily treatable, especially when caught in its earliest stages.

When you choose a Nashville chiropractor like Dr. Bearden at Action Spine & Joint, you can trust that your injuries will be correctly diagnosed and treated in order to maximize the speed and totality of your healing.

Improves Flexibility

Flexibility and range of motion can both be affected when you are in an auto accident, leaving you worse for wear for the rest of your life. The main areas that can develop stiffness and limited range of motion after an accident are the neck and back. Inflammation in these areas can cause more severe injuries sooner or later.

Improving your range of motion can also increase the amount of blood and nutrients that can get to the area, which will promote healing and reduce inflammation. Those chemicals we talked about earlier can help relieve pain at the sight and throughout your body. As you probably know, inflammation is a major cause of pain, swelling, and discomfort in most cases.

Your chiropractic adjustment will provide your whole spine, from your neck all the way to your lumbar region, with the mobility it needs to keep that inflammation away. It will also restore your flexibility and range of motion, allowing you to stretch, exercise, and allow your body to heal naturally.

Maximizes your chance of a positive claim

Although it’s not pleasant to think about, you may need to file an insurance claim if the accident wasn’t your fault. In order for the other driver’s insurance to cover the injuries you sustained in an accident near The Nations, Sylvan Park, or in the middle of downtown Nashville, you need to make sure you’ve done everything to the letter.

One thing you can do to ensure that you’ll be successful when making an insurance claim is to seek treatment as soon as you are injured. This is hard for some drivers to realize, especially if they aren’t feeling symptoms yet. However, some injuries, such as whiplash, may not present themselves for several hours or several days after the accident. The longer you wait to be treated for your injuries, the less likely you are to receive compensation for your treatment.

Action Spine & Joint in Nashville can provide you with accurate, complete documentation to present to the insurance company in order to get your medical bills paid for at no cost to you if the accident wasn’t your fault to start with. Chiropractic treatment for auto accidents that happen in Forest Hills, Bellevue, or any of the communities surrounding. Nashville are necessary for drivers who want to feel better fast, experience complete recovery, and have their insurance claims paid in full. Action Spine & Joint has the tools and experience to make sure that you fully recover from your auto accident injury and have no future complications or recurring injuries. We are open to the idea of concurrent therapies, but we also believe that our staff has the ability to get you back to 100% single-handedly, without the need for more drastic measures such as pain meds or surgery. When you have been injured in an auto accident, don’t assume that the pain is something you’ll have to live with forever! You could see faster results from therapies and promote total healing throughout your body with professional chiropractic services from Action Spine & Joint in Nashville!

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Rodger Roach
Rodger Roach
My sciatica was bothering me so bad it was making it very difficult to live a normal life, at least to move normally without pretty bad pain. It was limiting the things I could do and even making it hard to do my job at times. After About three months of going to Action, Spine and Joint regularly (2 to 3 times weekly), the pain is now gone! The staff there is super friendly and accommodating and the Dr. Casey and Dr. Josh are amazing! I see why they were voted the Best Chiropractic office in Nashville for many years. Would highly recommend them!
Jimmy Gregg
Jimmy Gregg
Great place. Great doctors and staff. Highly recommend. They have saved me from surgery. If you hurt and want another option other than surgery, I highly recommend Action Spine and Joint.
Mike Carr
Mike Carr
I came to Action with significant disc compression between L5 & S1, with steady pain 8/10 and stabs way past 10. I went from not being able to walk the day after my injury to able to walk without significant pain in less than a week. Dr. Bearden & Dr. Joshua are both experts at their craft, they listened when I told them what was working, what wasn't, and what I could afford, and they worked with me to get me on a treatment plan that has helped me regain mobility & reduce pain in a short amount of time. The front of house staff is helpful, kind & generally lovely. If you're thinking about chiropractic care, look mo further than Action!
Chris Henderson
Chris Henderson
After being involved in an auto accident I had major pain to my lower back from a bulged disk, and other joint pains. The pain was constant and went on for months. Due to a pinched nerve and misalignment. After orthopedic appointments and MRIs my Dr. Referred me to these guys for help. I have noticed a major improvement since my first visit and feeling better and better every time I go. I have more energy, less pain, I am able to do things without the pain I was feeling before without the need for surgery! My blood psi is back to normal, and much more! I would highly recommend Action Spine and Joint to anyone needing to alleviate pain in their body! The physical therapy and chiropractic care is on point! And everyone is very friendly and professional.
Valerie Werne
Valerie Werne
I had a very positive experience with the staff and provider each time I have a session. I have pain and spinal issues and treatment they are providing puts me on a path for healing. Dr. Casey and Dr. Joshs’ knowledge reflects in my care. They are empathetic and respectful to my concerns and needs for my back pain. So glad I found them.
Carter Wamp
Carter Wamp
Love Dr. Josh and Dr. Casey. When I have needed adjustment, they have always straightened me out! I especially appreciate their approach to post-injury care. They carefully assess to rule out fractures or other serious complications, including using X ray on site if needed, before performing a chiropractic adjustment. They also have excellent therapists on staff and a diverse array of equipment that can help correct posture, relieve inflammation, treat pain, and promote healing. My family and I have trusted them for years.
Billy Sells
Billy Sells
Been coming here on and off for 30 yrs. Great place to keep everything in its place .John and Hunter will get you in and out no waiting.
Charlotte Barnes
Charlotte Barnes
Friendly and professional staff!! I always receive excellent care at every visit, whether it’s for an adjustment or physical therapy. Highly recommend the team at Action Spine & Joint!!!
Ann Clemmons
Ann Clemmons
This was my very first visit today . He asked me who recommended him to me!! I told him I had prayed to God for a good Back doctor!! He helped me slowly but noticeably on my first VISIT! Before I left I felt some Better!! Made arrangements for next treatment in the next week already!! He was kind and honest with me!! I wasn’t Nervous anymore!! I’m so happy I am his New Patient Now!! Looking forward to further treatments!! God has special ones for us!!!