Chiropractic Insurance Coverage Nashville TN

Although most insurances cover chiropractic to some degree, you must realize that the insurance company is primarily there for temporary recovery and not necessarily correction of a problem.

We are providers for many of the insurance companies in the area, including Medicare, BCBS, Humana, Cigna, United Health Care and many others. With that said, there remains a diversity of companies and coverage that we are not at this time able to get on simply because of a lockout in our zip code. In addition, most people will have some form of co-pay andor deductible to meet before their coverage will actually kick-in.

All in all, we go to great lengths to make sure everything is covered up front and that there are no surprises in the long run. We understand how expensive health care can be and how difficult it may be for some to get coverage at all. As a result, we have designed very affordable payment plans and for our cash patients, we strive to keep our fees in check so that virtually anybody can walk in off the streets and afford treatment.

While we realize that everyone has a different amount of available time and money to spend on their health care, you will be happy to discover that we try to avoid treating the insurance companies and focus on the patient in front of us. Consequently, our recommendations will consist of the total clinical picture we see in front of us and not on whether you have unlimited insurance or virtually no insurance coverage at all. Most of our patients appreciate this. Essentially, we just want to see you get well and stay that way and this may very well be at odds with the limitations of your insurance policy.

Regardless of your coverage, we’ll suggest the chiropractic care we think you need. It will be up to you to decide how much of it you want.

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