Should Peyton Manning See a Chiropractor?

When watching Peyton Manning play football, it was clear he is suffering from both pain and range of motion issues with his neck. I observed him on video a few weeks ago and saw that he couldn’t turn his neck unless he turns his shoulders and upper body.  He simply could not move his neck independently of the rest of his body.

Peyton Manning Neck Fusion Surgery: Peyton Manning

This is his status after several surgeries, including a fusion surgery performed by a renowned orthopaedic surgeon who is considered a spinal specialist. I admit that it is incredible to still see him playing NFL football at such a high level after all these surgeries, but could things have been different with less invasive treatment options? I count 4 surgeries to date. As a physician myself, I question why spinal surgery and why 4 surgeries in a fairly short amount of time? Could one have sufficed or was it even needed at all? Now that he has won the 2016 Super Bowl, he retired. Could it be from all the pain and the fact he never truly healed?

Treating Peyton Manning Using Chiropractic Techniques Rather than Surgery

I would have loved to have the chance to work with Peyton’s herniated disc. It is a common condition we treat at Action Spine & Joint. I would have closely assessed his neck problems and placed him into an intensive non-invasive program to recovery. In my opinion, surgery should be a last resort. We have a variety of treatment techniques and options that have been extremely successful over the years.

Spinal Surgery vs Chiropractic Care

Recent studies have shown that injured patients who received chiropractic care initially were often able to avoid both surgery and the risks associated with invasive procedures, including disability. I have personally observed this in my chiropractic practice over the past 20 years.It is surprising to most of my patients when they hear this alarming fact: The leading cause of disability in age group 45 and older is failed spinal surgeries. We certainly understand that there is a place for surgery. We refer to our patients to the best surgeons in Nashville when the situation require