Low Back Pain Reduction Desk Jobs

A recent study has shown a reduction in musculoskeletal pain in workplaces that promote activity. The musculoskeletal pain we most frequently hear about or encounter is lower back pain. Others are pain resulting from stress fractures and tendinitis.

About Musculoskeletal Pain: Causes

Musculoskeletal pain can affect anyone, yet predominantly occurs due to some form of injury or damage to the ligaments, bones, tendons, etc. Common causes of damage include abrupt twisting or jerking movement, automotive accidents, falls, and sprains.
Other causes of such pain stem from overuse and poor posture related to being sedentary or sitting at a desk all day. If you do have a desk job, be sure to get up often and have your work environment’s ergonomics checked and adjusted as needed.

Musculoskeletal pain can also be caused by overuse. Pain from overuse affects 33% of adults. Lower back pain from overuse is the most common work-related diagnosis in Western society.

Pain from Sitting * Poor Posture * Effects of Being Sedentary

Poor posture or prolonged immobilization can also cause musculoskeletal pain. The researchers from the recent pain study looked in to the benefits of an Activity Based Work Space (ABW) at it relates to physical exercise, work performance, and musculoskeletal pain. An activity based work environment is a work space design that does not assign each staff member with a cubicle or desk space, but rather there are shared areas of activity designated for specific tasks and promoting collaboration, as well. The study observed nearly 90 staff in their work areas for a period of one month. The study used both  an accelerometer (to track sedentary time at work) and self reporting and to track activity and pain statuses. The results showed the staff reduced sitting time by 14%, increased standing time (by 11% ) and walked more often (3% increase).  The incidence of musculoskeletal lower back pain was significantly reduced.

If you do experience low back pain, make an appointment today with our chiropractors. We have many tools and chiropractic treatments to help you feel better. Once your pain is reduced, we can help with prescribing a physical therapy regimen and even discuss how you can help your posture and health at a desk job.