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I am relatively new to Dr. Bearden and his office, but have been extremely pleased with my experience there so far. I have dealt with low back pain for years and know what works for me. After explaining my situation to Dr. Bearden, he went right to work on my therapy without trying to sell me anything or talk me into any kind of treatment package. And I have gotten great results from his treatment. The staff at this office is top-notch as well, very professional and courteous. I would definitely recommend Action Chiropractic to anyone in need.

~ Kurt Mosteller

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Action Spine & Joint serves patients in the Green Hills area with the most effective treatment known to medicine for back and joint pain. Research shows that chiropractic is preferred by patients and, in many cases, recommended by other healthcare professionals, as a first line of defense (or a final effort) to relieve pain in all areas of the body.

Green Hills Chiropractors

When combined with traditional medical care such as drug therapy, chiropractic significantly improves the likelihood of eliminating pain in patients with varying degrees of disability. Action Spine & Joint knows this, and we’re happy to be one of the Green Hills chiropractors trusted by area hospitals, primary care physicians, and medical specialists.

Action Spine & Joint is in the business of making people feel better by whatever means necessary! Our doctors and other staff are specially trained in some of the newest and most innovative techniques for healing the body. That’s something that not all Green Hills chiropractors can say! We’re more than happy to share information about these treatments with new and established patients.

We treat the whole person, not just an isolated joint here or there. Action Spine & Joint specialists examine the cause of your pain or the type of injury you have very carefully so that they can address not only the issue that is currently giving you problems, but they can also prevent further damage of surrounding tissues.

Comprehensive care that includes self-care techniques that can be carried out at home give patients authority over their own wellbeing while also saving them money. And we know that’s something everyone is interested in!

Chiropractor in Green Hills

Action Spine & Joint should be your #1 choice if you’re looking for a chiropractor in Green Hills. Our results can’t be denied…just ask the many satisfied clients who have a longstanding relationship with us, or the patients who have put their feelings into writing in online reviews all over the web. Those people will tell you exactly what you’re hoping to find out – that Action Spine & Joint is the best chiropractor in Green Hills or the immediate area!

No matter what part of the body is giving you trouble, we can target the problem with accuracy and efficiency. We do all of the following:

Elbow Treatments
Ligament Treatments
Knee Treatments
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
…and, of course, much more!
The cost of chiropractic is a deterrent for some patients, even when they know or services would help them. Did you know that chiropractors are considered physician-level providers by Medicare and in many states? This means that our services may be covered by your insurance!

Certain spinal conditions are debilitating. Degenerative Disc Disease, for example, can be classified as a disability if the disease progresses beyond a certain point. However, Action Spine & Joint can help patients with this and other chronic conditions to maximize their quality of life and continue to enjoy hobbies, participate in day-to-day activities, continue working as long as they want, and enjoy family time – all pain free.

Visit Action Spine & Joint to experience what the best chiropractor in Green Hills can do for you!