Sylvan Park Chiropractors

Fantastic staff and great treatments! I hardly spend a minute or two in the waiting room before being called back. I would recommend Dr. Bearden to anyone!

~ Gavriel Isenberg

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Studies show that nearly every patient who visits a chiropractor would describe the care as very effective for relieving pain, increasing range of motion, and reducing pressure in the joints that are treated.

Action Spine & Joint is one of several Sylvan Park chiropractors with the skills and knowledge to restore your quality of life with chiropractic care.

What sets us apart from the rest is the wide range of techniques we have adopted to give our patients ultimate pain relief, as well as being able to rejuvenate joints, heal injuries faster, and restore full range of motion.

Sylvan Park Chiropractors

In your search of Sylvan Park chiropractors, make sure that you choose one that is willing to go the extra mile for you. Low prices simply aren’t enough to guarantee that you’re getting the best care possible! You should search as long as it takes, asking questions and reading reviews, until you find a chiropractic care provider you trust to build a long-term relationship. 

Action Spine & Joint combines all the things Sylvan Park residents are looking for in a chiropractor: 

  • Comprehensive care
  • Caring staff
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Innovative therapies
  • And, of course, reasonable rates

When you put it all together, it’s a winning formula!

We have treated sports injuries, surgery recovery situations, and degenerative diseases, as well as the common stiff neck or sore back. Getting to the bottom of your pain or discomfort should be the goal of any Sylvan Park chiropractors. Any spine doctor who wants to begin treatment before getting your complete medical history and doing a full examination isn’t worth your time!

Chiropractor in Sylvan Park

Action Spine & Joint has seen nearly 100% effectiveness in pain reduction for our patients with back pain. The percentage of patients who seek traditional medical treatment such as medicine or surgery is only around 60%. That statistic is undeniable when you desire a pain-free life. 

We can treat any spine or joint problem, even if other treatments have left you disappointed and still with lingering pain. Our team regularly treats all of the following back and spine issues: 

  • Herniated Disc 
  • Spinal Stenosis 
  • Bursitis 

These are more advanced conditions that can be debilitating if not treated – or treated incorrectly. It’s important with these and all other spine issues that you find a chiropractor in Sylvan Park or wherever you live that is experienced in treating your specific condition. 

Action Spine & Joint is well-versed in many conditions dealing with the spine, and we also know the proper treatments for ligaments, muscular issues, migraine headaches, and physical therapy techniques. 

If you are concerned that your current care plan may not be tailored to your needs or if you do not feel that you’re in the most capable hands (literally or figuratively), give Action Spine & Joint a call! Set up a consultation with our caring physicians who listen to your needs and concerns and then decide on an action plan that will improve your quality of life, often in more ways than one!