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Chiropractic Specialists: Elbow Injuries

Elbow pain is usually not serious, but because you use your elbow with almost every movement you make, it is important to take care of it as soon as possible. The elbow moves in a couple of ways. It works very much like a hinge and also can twist. Most elbow pain is caused by overusing the elbow or a sports related injury. Arthritis can sometimes be the cause, but it is usually the former. The chiropractors as Acton Spine & Joint have effective elbow rehabilitation treatments to allow you to return to normal activities without pain.

Chiropractic Elbow Treatments

Each patient’s situation is unique. If a patient has a nagging, painful, or ongoing elbow issue, our spinal and joint specialists assess the situation and develop a customized protocol for treatment. Examples of therapies our chiropractors use include adjustments, laser therapy, massage, and strengthening exercises to heal the elbow.

Your Elbow Joint

Your elbow is a joint comprised of three bones that are connected by ligaments. Tendons are connected to the muscles on both the upper and lower arm control movement. If any of these components is injured, you have elbow pain. Treatment for mild injuries usually involves rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE).


The most common elbow ailment is probably tendonitis, or “tennis elbow”. It is caused by the overuse of repetitive movements of the elbow, such as one would find in a tennis or golf player. Laser therapy treatments will help with pain and inflammation, while physical therapy and chiropractic manipulation will help to strengthen and properly align the bones in the elbow.

Other Elbow Injuries

Children and athletes often injure themselves in accidental falls or through contact sports. The best preventative would be elbow pads, particularly for skating or biking. Older adults will often injure themselves by falling. Even a minor fall can be debilitating due to the loss of muscle tone and bone density due to the aging process. We can design a specific program consisting of chiropractic, laser treatment and physical therapy that strengthens the muscles around the elbow and speeds the healing process.

When to Seek Chiropractic Help

Most elbow injuries will heal themselves given enough time and RICE. However, if your elbow continues to bother you after a week or so, come and see us. Chiropractic care can often heal you as good as new, but the earlier you begin treatment, the better. If you have injured your elbow, come and let us evaluate your injury and get you moving pain-free again.

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